Working and working out

-So, how was coming back to work after the holidays?

– It felt pretty good actually, mum. And everyone was happy to see me and have me back.

– Or maybe they have just all watched those videos of the Muay Thai classes you’re taking, you know? The ones your teacher keeps posting on Instagram? And they’re concerned about what you’ll do if they say otherwise.

What can I say. I love my mum.



Holiday time is over. It was both long and short. I hadn’t had real holidays for more than a year, and I needed them. Don’t get me wrong, I love working and I love my job, but I needed to slow down for a while and take time to breath.

For me, holidays have always been about changing your activity, taking time for yourself and others and doing something different that your current job. It doesn’t necessarily involve traveling, or going to far and exotic destinations. Holiday time is time to recharge your internal batteries and refresh yourself and, if possible, get a nice tan. The pic above, which I published on Instagram a few weeks back labeled as Se ressourcer, sums it up. Sun, colors and a book. 

I’ll talk about the book another time. 

Bagpipe magic

The other day, last week, I was having a bad day. Well, not a bad day, really, it was more of a down day. I was feeling tired and kind of sad… for no reason, because I was on holiday and it was sunny and warm outside. Despite that, I wasn’t on my top game. But I had things to do, so I started doing them. 

One of those things involved going out to the city center. I was going down a street when I heard some music. At first I didn’t give it much thought, thinking it might be someone who had left his window open. It sounded like some folk instrument, though, so I started paying more attention. Then I realized it was a bagpipe. And it was being played live. And so magic happened. 

Where I come from -Asturias-, bagpipes are the regional typical instrument. And since I left, listening to bagpipe music -whereas it’s Galician, Bretone, Asturian or Gaellic- always brings me home. I followed the music, and it led me to a small park where there were four men, one of them playing the bagpipe. If there had been only one, I would have probably dared to go and talk to him, maybe thank him for the music. But four? I stayed at some distance and listened a bit more. I was so excited I didn’t stop to think and made the unforgettable mistake of filming in portrait mode, I apologize. Then I remembered I had errands to run, so I left. I wasn’t feeling down anymore. The bagpipe had made some magic, and the day was bright again. 


‘Try Everything’

Let’s start this section with Try Everything, from Disney’s Zootopia. Now that I think of it, the title goes well as a first try of a new thing, doesn’t it?

I’m not a huge Shakira fan, but I grew up with Disney movies and I am a huge fan of them (expect to see their soundtracks popping here once in a while). I had had good echoes of Zootopia and watching it yesterday I understood why. Some people value the corruption-plot, others see it as a metaphor for inclusion. Others just have a good laugh with the smart and crisp dialogue or are amazed by the world-building details (there are some fantastic lines and kudoss for including a subtle Breaking Bad reference in a film that is principaly aimed at kids). Whatever of these appeals to you more, just give the film a try. And you’ll have this song stuck in your head for days.





The blog is still in its experimental phase (knowing me, it will never leave that phase), and I was thinking about the regularity of publising posts and all that practical stuff around running a blog when I came up with the idea of the #SundaySong. Which is exactly what it seems to be.

Before we start, just let me say, I am not a musician nor a huge music girl. Working surrounded by musicians and people involved in the music industry has made me realize that even more. I don’t listen to the radio that much, I have a few groups I like and I am able to listen to them non-stop, I love soundtracks. So what’s this section going to be? Just a random song or music piece that has catch my ear during the week, or a track I like and want to share. With maybe a comment. Or maybe not.

Just a touch of music to keep the week-end going.

What have I done

What have I done? No, I haven’t become a thief in the dark or a dog in the run, but even if I am not as desperate as Jean Valjean, this question has been bugging me since last Monday. I opened a blog. I made a commitment with myself and the Internet. And I don’t know what to write. 
You know the story. Something nice happens, you think about something and you tell yourself «oh, if I had a blog I could share this.» Then you have a blog and you find yourself without anything to say. Blank page syndrome, bonjour.