What have I done

What have I done? No, I haven’t become a thief in the dark or a dog in the run, but even if I am not as desperate as Jean Valjean, this question has been bugging me since last Monday. I opened a blog. I made a commitment with myself and the Internet. And I don’t know what to write. 
You know the story. Something nice happens, you think about something and you tell yourself «oh, if I had a blog I could share this.» Then you have a blog and you find yourself without anything to say. Blank page syndrome, bonjour.


3 thoughts on “What have I done

  1. I know this feeling. For that kind of reason I always have a note book with me where I write quick ideas to keep inspired. I usually make this list before starting my project. So I should never be empty of ideas in my stock. At least for starting out. So my advise to you is to start writting anything you can at any moment and it all together later, for your blog.


    • Yup, that’s what I’ve started doing. I always have a notebook with me too. And my phone. But been as I am, I’ll keep thinking I’m out of my depth no matter how many ideas I got 😉


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