The blog is still in its experimental phase (knowing me, it will never leave that phase), and I was thinking about the regularity of publising posts and all that practical stuff around running a blog when I came up with the idea of the #SundaySong. Which is exactly what it seems to be.

Before we start, just let me say, I am not a musician nor a huge music girl. Working surrounded by musicians and people involved in the music industry has made me realize that even more. I don’t listen to the radio that much, I have a few groups I like and I am able to listen to them non-stop, I love soundtracks. So what’s this section going to be? Just a random song or music piece that has catch my ear during the week, or a track I like and want to share. With maybe a comment. Or maybe not.

Just a touch of music to keep the week-end going.


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