Private collections 

I have a friend who collects cristal snowballs. My mum used to collect owls (and I’ve inherited her owl-passion, go figure). Some people collect stamps, coins, silver teaspoons or stuff like that. 

And then you have people who collect stars and doors. A few years back I stumbled upon someone who collected stars. She had started this website where people from all over the world could submit theirs picture featuring stars: tattoos, prints, details… She’d interview some of the people she took pictures of. She’d tell stories. She’d encourage people to go outside, open their ayes, follow their own star. Belén is an amazing person who will make you want to be better, look the world through a different angle, search for and forge stories. 

Another friend decided to collect doors. She started “hunting” them and opened an Instagram account to show her trophies. But now that everyone she knows knows she collects doors, doors come the her constantly. Which I find kind of amazing. Because, as what happened with the stars, she has made us look to our surroundings differently. Because you never know where you can find something beautiful. 
Top image, a door with stars. Double combo!


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