‘Make ‘Em Laugh’

When talking about musical comedies and musical films, I always arrive at the same conclusion: Singin’ in the Rain is my absolute favourite (in the non-animated category). And as much as I love Gene Kelly, the scene-stealer in this movie is Donald O’Connor.


‘Hopeless Wanderer’

As folk groups go, Mumford & Sons is currently one of my favourites. And I could listen to this song non-stop, it gives a bittersweet message of hope for a long-lasting something mixed with the urgency to live because everything is uncertain… don’t hold a glass over the flame, don’t let your heart grow cold, I will call you by name… but hold me fast.


Fall is my favourite season. The colours nature offers is are beautiful. And it’s usually a windy season, and I kind of like wind, don’t ask me why. 

At one moment in my life, I used to write poems. This one -a few years old already- is dedicated to autumn. 



Two day ago OneRepublic released their latest album, Oh My My. Instead of sharing with you one of their new songs, I’m sharing the song that made me discover and love this group. Because if there is a cello on the track, I’m all in.

Goals in life

We all have goals, wishes, a bucket list. They keep us going, trying, improving, daring: running a semi-marathon, finally getting your driver’s license, participating in a TED event, travelling to New Zealand… Or just being able to open a Chupa-Chups without breaking the plastic.

Because not all goals need to be big or life-changing. 

Run, María, run

This is it, I’m going public: I’m training in order to do the 20km run in Brussels next May. This been said, I don’t think I’ll be ready. So even though I’m training for it, I don’t think I’ll actually run it. Let me explain.

When I was a kid, I loved gym classes and I trained as a ballerina, up until I was 20 or 21 years old. I was fit, enjoyed physical exercise (the sweatier the better, because it meant I was really exercising). Then, life happens, and I stopped exercising. And life keeps happening, and a few years back, because of some various health issues, I had to start practising some sport again (my doctor went from «it’d be good» to «you should» to «I’m prescribing you sport. Do it»). It was a good timing, because a gym had opened at 5 minutes walk from my place, with nice installations and a nicer price. So there I went. And having payed for it, i intended to go, so that money would not be lost.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but once I started to recover my former physical condition, it became easier and funnier. I attended some Zumba classes and I discovered Tae-Bo. I forced myself tongo to the classes, and then, when I was already used to work out, I started going on my own to do some fitness on my own. Last year I ditched Zumba and started some Muay Thai classes, which I love. What I had never done was running on the treadmill. Bike, ok. Weights, ok. Elliptical bike, not a huge fan but still ok. Treadmill, no thanks.

I had had some issues with my ankles in the past, and I know I have to be careful with what kind of exercise I do, and running or jogging are not the best ankle-friendly disciplines. I had the perfect excuse not to run. The real one is much more simple: I get bored. Running for the only sake of running? Boring.

Then, after a deal with a friend and some encouragement of other friends, I went to the gym and started my workout with a 10 minute run. And I was surprised I could handle it. Since then, I’ve been running inside and outside a few times, and, even if I’m not running long distances, I’m doing fine. And it’s a bit less boring because now I know why I’m doing it. First reason: my gym classes are more focused on strength, so I need to work on my cardio to compensate. Second: if I’m ready, why not run an organised run? Even if I’m not ready when the moment comes, having the deadline of May’s run helps me persevere in my workout resolution(s). So let’s #goforit (my motivational workout hashtag).

Top image, from Mr. Wonderful app: «Run after your dreams. Even if you don’t catch them, you’ll have at least done some exercise »