Run, María, run

This is it, I’m going public: I’m training in order to do the 20km run in Brussels next May. This been said, I don’t think I’ll be ready. So even though I’m training for it, I don’t think I’ll actually run it. Let me explain.

When I was a kid, I loved gym classes and I trained as a ballerina, up until I was 20 or 21 years old. I was fit, enjoyed physical exercise (the sweatier the better, because it meant I was really exercising). Then, life happens, and I stopped exercising. And life keeps happening, and a few years back, because of some various health issues, I had to start practising some sport again (my doctor went from «it’d be good» to «you should» to «I’m prescribing you sport. Do it»). It was a good timing, because a gym had opened at 5 minutes walk from my place, with nice installations and a nicer price. So there I went. And having payed for it, i intended to go, so that money would not be lost.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but once I started to recover my former physical condition, it became easier and funnier. I attended some Zumba classes and I discovered Tae-Bo. I forced myself tongo to the classes, and then, when I was already used to work out, I started going on my own to do some fitness on my own. Last year I ditched Zumba and started some Muay Thai classes, which I love. What I had never done was running on the treadmill. Bike, ok. Weights, ok. Elliptical bike, not a huge fan but still ok. Treadmill, no thanks.

I had had some issues with my ankles in the past, and I know I have to be careful with what kind of exercise I do, and running or jogging are not the best ankle-friendly disciplines. I had the perfect excuse not to run. The real one is much more simple: I get bored. Running for the only sake of running? Boring.

Then, after a deal with a friend and some encouragement of other friends, I went to the gym and started my workout with a 10 minute run. And I was surprised I could handle it. Since then, I’ve been running inside and outside a few times, and, even if I’m not running long distances, I’m doing fine. And it’s a bit less boring because now I know why I’m doing it. First reason: my gym classes are more focused on strength, so I need to work on my cardio to compensate. Second: if I’m ready, why not run an organised run? Even if I’m not ready when the moment comes, having the deadline of May’s run helps me persevere in my workout resolution(s). So let’s #goforit (my motivational workout hashtag).

Top image, from Mr. Wonderful app: «Run after your dreams. Even if you don’t catch them, you’ll have at least done some exercise »


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