This melody reminds me of endless minutes of arm work and training with the castañuelas at my old dance school. But despite all the suffering (or maybe because of it), I love it. 


‘If I Can’t Love Her’

The live action Beauty and the Beast movie is coming, and a lot of teasers with scenes and songs from the original movie are popping all around the Web. 

As much as I love the classic animated movie (and I love it very much: it is my favourite Disney film, period), I find this song from the Broadway production (watching it live is one of my dreams) absolutely amazing.

Coming back with the shield

Greek historian Plutarch teaches us that, when Spartans went into war, their women would encourage them to “come back with your shield, on on it.” Spartan shield was big and heavy, allowing the soldier to protect himself and to protect the soldier standing next to him when marching into formation. The only reason to throw it away was to be able to run faster without its weight when fleeing from the enemy, the ultimate shame and treason for a Spartan. Cowards weren’t appreciated in the hard and strict Spartan society. So coming back with your shield (which meant you hadn’t fled or abandoned the other soldiers), or on it (meaning you had had an honorable death in battle and you were being brought back by using the shield as a plank for transport) were the only acceptable options.

I was thinking about that last Sunday before starting the Spartacus Run of Enghien, an obstacle Spartan race I participated into with some people from work. I had been dreading that day since I registered to the race, but once I had said I was going to do it, there was no going back. It would have been like throwing the shield. So there I was, Sunday morning, taking a train to meet my fellow Spartan crazy friends, scared and excited about whatever would happen. I was determined to finish the Run and at least try to pass all obstacles, specially since I discovered the “easy way out” from doing an obstacle was an alternate lane called “chicken lane”. Seriously. Chicken. Nope. I couldn’t take willingly the chicken lane, out of the question. I know my teammates wouldn’t think bad of me if I did, butI had at least to try.

It ended up being one of the funniest and most rewarding experiences I have ever done. Ok, I needed help from my team on several moments (specially when climbing walls, big thank you, guys!), and I couldn’t climb the rope (I have no idea about the technique to do it and I dont have enough arm strength to climb it without the technique), but I don’t care because I passed the monkey bars without falling into the water beneath them! It was the thing I was dreading the most, and yes, for two seconds I hesitated about taking the chicken lane. But if I never tried to pass them I would never know if I was capable of doing it. And hey, I am. Way to go, girl!

I’m still waiting for the medal –I don’t know why they didn’t give us the medal at the end of the race, we’ll get it through mail, which is actually a bit disappointing–, and my body has been hurting since Sunday. But it was a hell of a day, a great experience I will surely repeat. Specially now that I know what I need to work on to improve and be able to keep pace and don’t slow my team members (running endurance and upper body strength).

Some friends think I am crazy for having done it, and for wanting to do it again. I think it would be crazy not to do it again.