On trying again

I’m trying to pick up writing again, but I’m finding it harder than I expected. Maybe it is because I am not yet completely out of my particular rabbit hole. Maybe it is because I keep using and thinking in three different languages every day and my brain cannot fix itself on one of them only. Or maybe it’s just that I need to put in a bit more of work.


‘Slow it down’

Changes are inevitable, the world keeps turning and life keeps going on, and on, and on, and on… And at one point you might realise you’ve been moving too fast without realising it, going too fast for your own good. You might be at the point in which you should take a step backwards, breathe deep and slow it down.

Projects, plans and resolutions 

I don’t usually do New Years resolutions. On one hand, I never keep them and I end up disappointed on myself. On the other hand, I realised that I do resolutions every day or week: get up on time, go to the gym, be nice to people despite a headache, learn a new recipe … Life is full of resolutions.

But 2017 is going to be a bit different. It’s the last year before I turn 30. Everything I’ll do will have that “things to do before you’re 30” feel. 

So I’m not doing resolutions, but I’m having projects. First one, surviving the Spartacus Run I’m doing on February the 26th. So first two months of the year will be full of gym and training and “why-did-I-sign-up-for-this” moments. But I’ll survive (I hope). Then, I think it’ll be a good idea to finally get my driver’s license while I’m still in my twenties, right? And I really need to learn Dutch. Not only because I t’s important for my job, but also from a personal perspective, I feel it’s something I need to do.

There you have it. Not resolutions, but three plans. And you, what are you expecting in 2017? 

Fear, action and confidence. 

I wasn’t going to post anything about Carrie Fisher‘s death because -plainly said- it sucks, and I didn’t know how else to put it. But as I was browsing Twitter, I found the top pic with that quote. 

One of the best advices I got when starting my job a year and a half ago was to put myself in danger everyday, to do something that scares me and challenges me to keep learning (and I’ve never been more scared than during those first weeks at the job, so it was an easy task to do). Fear is the mind-killer, and it ends up leading to the Dark Side. Fear is not worth us being afraid. We conquer it when we acknowledge it but act anyway. And this quote seems a good way to Carrie Fisher by. 

RIP, your Highness. And may the Force be with you.