‘Conquest of Spaces’

You know you are lucky when a friend textes «Hey, do you know this group? I think you’d like it», and you have never heard of the group before but you trust your friend and you actually like it. 

You are lucky because you know you have good friends that know you well. 



We all got our inner battles and struggles. But we keep going, and we’re alive.

(Also, I love how Sia keeps discovering young talents for her clips.)


When I was nine, ten years old, I remember looking at the oldest girls in my ballet academy, wanting to do the dances they did, wear the “grown-ups” tutus, be able to perform the way they did. Some dances and choreographers were iconic, and we dreamed to perform them when we’d be older. 

One of those dances was choreographed to this song. It was a mix of styles, half the dancers performing contemporary-classic and the other half flamenco. It was called Contrastes, and, on my last year at my ballet school, I was able to perform it. 


‘Slow it down’

Changes are inevitable, the world keeps turning and life keeps going on, and on, and on, and on… And at one point you might realise you’ve been moving too fast without realising it, going too fast for your own good. You might be at the point in which you should take a step backwards, breathe deep and slow it down.