Goals in life

We all have goals, wishes, a bucket list. They keep us going, trying, improving, daring: running a semi-marathon, finally getting your driver’s license, participating in a TED event, travelling to New Zealand… Or just being able to open a Chupa-Chups without breaking the plastic.

Because not all goals need to be big or life-changing. 


Life happens

Life is not easy. Or predictable.
There are good days, and then there are other kind of days. Not so good. Or pretty bad.
During the last two days, I’ve been getting bad news concerning a few friends and colleagues. The kind of situations in which the only thing you can do is let them know you are there for them, whenever they need you. Be there for them. And pray. And keep living. For you and for those in distress.
It might seem small, but even small things are relevant. Because it is usually small things that make the most of life. Small things are the ones that stay with us, the ones that make life worth living.

Bagpipe magic

The other day, last week, I was having a bad day. Well, not a bad day, really, it was more of a down day. I was feeling tired and kind of sad… for no reason, because I was on holiday and it was sunny and warm outside. Despite that, I wasn’t on my top game. But I had things to do, so I started doing them. 

One of those things involved going out to the city center. I was going down a street when I heard some music. At first I didn’t give it much thought, thinking it might be someone who had left his window open. It sounded like some folk instrument, though, so I started paying more attention. Then I realized it was a bagpipe. And it was being played live. And so magic happened. 

Where I come from -Asturias-, bagpipes are the regional typical instrument. And since I left, listening to bagpipe music -whereas it’s Galician, Bretone, Asturian or Gaellic- always brings me home. I followed the music, and it led me to a small park where there were four men, one of them playing the bagpipe. If there had been only one, I would have probably dared to go and talk to him, maybe thank him for the music. But four? I stayed at some distance and listened a bit more. I was so excited I didn’t stop to think and made the unforgettable mistake of filming in portrait mode, I apologize. Then I remembered I had errands to run, so I left. I wasn’t feeling down anymore. The bagpipe had made some magic, and the day was bright again.